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Taizhou Huangyan Xinyang Mold Co., Ltd. Is a company for many years engaged in plastic mold hot runner injection molding systems design, research and development production and sales of the company. Our company adopts the international general industrial standard, in recent years, part of the original pin xin Yang hot runner products in Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, by hot nozzle, runner plate, hot runner temperature control system composed of three parts. Within its principle: in the injection mold on the hot nozzle and runner plate, heater to generate heat, can make the plastic out of the plastic injection machine gun barrel has remained after molten state. When injected into the cavity, the finished product release, also won’t drag condensation. Our company can according to your mold design with details of the hot runner assembly and processing drawings, to even if you don’t have the on-site installation and commissioning experience also can rise to the occasion. In a professional guide, reasonable price and high quality service for the purpose, to stabilize the domestic market, in the international market, to transcend to become world famous brand as the goal of hot flow path!
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